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newbie - new install, no comms


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I've searched this forum, can't find anything that fixes my issues.


New system install, starting from scratch.


2 Access Points, the phase test for each says they are on opposite phase legs.


When I try to initiate the phase test with my PLM, no response from any devices or access points. I thought something must be wrong with my PLM, so I bought a second one... same issue. Even with it plugged into the same outlet as one of the access points, I get no response.


The PLM will respond to an access point initiated phase test.


PLM Info/Status check from the admin console:

25.2A.Af v9B / Connected


Do I have a second bad PLM? Bad ISY?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Mine also just beeps if it is the one running the test to other devices.

If another Dual Band Module is the one doing the tests. Then mine will blink Red or Green or not at all. Depending on which phase the sender is on and if it is receiving the signal at all.

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The PLM beeps - LED doesn't, I misspoke. However, no device responds to the phase test at all, and there is no communication with any devices when I try to add/link.


The puzzling thing is that when I initiate the phase test with either of my Access Points, all the devices respond appropriately.

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Independent of the RF question (2412 PLM had no RF) the powerline should reach at least some of the devices. Describe the electrical environment and physical environment where the ISY and PLM are powered.


What is the PLM plugged into.

What else is powered from the circuit supplying the PLM.

Are noise reducing extensions in use.

Is there an unfiltered UPS in use.

Things such as that.

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Ok... Troubleshooting last night I found a contributing factor.


I have a Control4 A/V system with all the rack components on a dedicated breaker. If I turn that circuit breaker off, the PLM can execute the phase test and also link my devices. I'm still confused why the access points are able to communicate (evidenced by the 4 tap test) but the PLM cannot?


The PLM is not on the same circuit as my Control4 setup and is physically located as far away from the rack as I can physically and electrically get it.


Do I need to filter the plug the PLM is attached to? Or do I have to find a way to isolate my Control4 rack? The latter is going to be harder since the load is a lot larger...it is a 20A circuit.


Advice much appreciated....

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