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Looking for Thermostat Suggestions


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I have a pair each of the Insteon 2441TH and 2441ZTH.


So far they have been flaky and doing odd things. For example, the TH changes it's temp up/down by 4 degrees while in Heat mode and without using the energy button even though I don't have any programs or scenes setup in ISY. I also can't factory reset it and it's permanently stuck in "Master" mode even though it's no longer associated with the ZTH. I'm working on returning them all. Probably won't happen on XMas eve, though.


So I figured I'd work on something new. I also looked at the Venstars since they have an Insteon module. Can I fully monitor and control them with ISY? I saw a lot of complaints on the Smarthome reviews about the backlight going out frequently and having to replace the whole unit.s


Are there any other Insteon based products to try? Or any other options in general?


I'm considering adding the Zwave module to my ISY to open up my options for more thermostats. Anyone currently using a Zwave thermostat with the ISY successfully?

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Thanks for the suggestion.


I should've been more specific. I want a thermostat that I can integrate into my HA setup. I have two separate HVAC systems and also have the need for zone control. I want to control set points, zone dampers, etc based on when I'm home, when somebody is upstairs, sleeping vs not, etc.


Nest is neat but I don't plan on connecting any of my home components to the internet. Bad idea. And Nest doesn't integrate with anything currently, although I read it's on the roadmap for next year. I also think they have a partnership going with Control4 as the first integration partner.

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