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Turning off keypad button


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I have two keypads, one is an 8-button and one a six-button. In both, I have a couple small buttons controlling various light fixtures.


The problem I have is:

I have one of the buttons (Dinner) set to enable a scene for dinner. It turns on 3 lights at a set brightness. When I do this, the KPL buttons that control each of those lights individually lights up to the "on brightness" which is fine.


I also have a program to turn off the dinner scene if I double-press Dinner, it will turn off each of the three lights. It does this properly, however, it leaves the buttons for each of those lights *ON* on the keypad.


I modified my Dinner OFF program so it would not only turn off those 3 lights but also set the KPL buttons for those lights to "Off". Still, it leaves them set to "on brightness" when double-press the Dinner button (the 3 lights do turn off properly though).


Any idea how I can turn off the KPL buttons for those three lights when this program is run to turn off the dinner scene?




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