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2441TH Thermostat Set Point Updates


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I have two 2441TH thermostats. So far they've been nothing but trouble including needing to exchange them for replacements. Anyhoo….


The sticker on the device says version v1.6 although ISY reports it as v0.D.


I was under the impression that newer versions of this thermostat reported all changes. When the set point is changed locally on the thermostat ISY does not reflect this change. If it is queried manually it updates correctly but never reported on its own.


When running the ISY event viewer at level 3 no messages are shown when the set point is changed.


If I run the HouseLinc event viewer I get a (SetPoint Heat) message every time I change the set point regardless of whether I cross the above or below the current ambient temperature.


I’m not managing the thermostat in both systems. I only started up HL to troubleshoot and compare. It's normally shut down and without the thermostat in its database.




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For events to show in the HL trace the thermostat must be linked with the HL PLM. This could have erased the links necessary for the ISY PLM to see the events. Run a Show Device Links Table / Compare against the thermostat to see if links are missing.


The revision 1.6 is hardware level. The v.0D is the device firmware level.

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I tried to word this in such a way the discussion would not focus on HL, but I failed.


To be more clear, the thermostat in question was only added to HL for troubleshooting just before the post. Formerly, it was only in ISY and had been added after a factory reset and using the "Remove Existing Links" option.

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Unfortunately phrasing does not change the fact that adding the thermostat to HL destroyed the ISY environment. Right click the thermostat node and select Restore Device. Then see what the ISY event viewer at LEVEL 3 indicates. Different PLMs can have different powerline/RF reception.


How many nodes are defined for the 2441TH?

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Again. It was NOT in HL BEFORE the problem was discovered and had never been in HL. New. Out of box. Then factory reset. Added to ISY with "Remove existing links". I only added to HL for additional troubleshooting after the problem was discovered. Being able to set the current time with HL was handy also.



By "how many" nodes do mean how many links are in the device's table? Currently four.

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I think I have the sequence. It did not report Set Point changes at the thermostat under ISY. The thermostat was added to HL and it does report Set Point changes. Unfortunately the link table I would want to look at is now gone from the HL activity.


The thermostat environment has to be reestablished for the ISY. Was that done?

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This is the message sequence from a 2441TH running in Auto mode. Set Point was dropped one degree.


Mon 12/30/2013 10:17:17 PM : [iNST-SRX ] 02 50 1D.6C.D6 22.80.0B 01 72 3D (3D)


Mon 12/30/2013 10:17:17 PM : [std-Direct ] 1D.6C.D6-->ISY/PLM Group=0, Max Hops=1, Hops Left=0


Mon 12/30/2013 10:17:17 PM : [ 1D 6C D6 1] CLISPH 122


Mon 12/30/2013 10:17:18 PM : [iNST-SRX ] 02 50 1D.6C.D6 22.80.0B 01 71 51 (51)


Mon 12/30/2013 10:17:18 PM : [std-Direct ] 1D.6C.D6-->ISY/PLM Group=0, Max Hops=1, Hops Left=0


Mon 12/30/2013 10:17:18 PM : [ 1D 6C D6 1] CLISPC 162

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Thanks for the additional info.


I restored it with no effect. I deleted it, did a factory reset (I think), and added it back with success. Updates were sent when set point adjusted. Unfortunately, it only worked for a few hours. When I woke in the morning I was back to silent changes again.


I had to RMA one of these already. This one is acting flaky like the last one before it quit working with the random temperature changes now occurring again. Factory reset not working reliably. Looks like this one is toast, too. If the replacement that's in transit doesn't work flawlessly I'm getting rid of these and will look for a Z-wave thermostat.

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