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Check Smoke Bridge To see if still Plugged in?


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I just got and hooked up a smoke bridge and a few detectors. I've got all the alerts working via text but am wondering if there is a way to let me know if it get's unplugged (kind of like the heartbeat on the leak sensors). Would a "is responding" once a day work? What exactly does "is responding" do when in a program? Would it ping the smoke bridge and then report back the results?

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The 'is responding' tests for a red ! associated with the node being tested. The red ! indicates a problem communicating with the node being checked. I did a Query for each of the Smoke Bridge nodes, none of which actually was sent the Query command. It looks like the nodes are all considered 'Controller Only' nodes where the device does not maintain a Status for any of the nodes. This means there is no mechanism for testing if the device is powered.

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I added a request for this on the SH forum. Thanks for pointing that out Teken.


*Maybe this has been resolved already? My Smoke Bridge shows a "Malfunction" line. Not sure if that actually reads the "hearbeat" or what not of the detectors though.


I believe it serves a dual function. One being if the sensor fails to operate with in specification (End Of Life Use) . The other when the battery in the system is low.


Teken . . .

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