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Just installed ISY 994i pro, multiple problems


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I have a very small insteon system (in a large house). I just installed an ISY 994i pro. I have one older x10 insteon device, one insteon dual band remote control switch, one insteon motion sensor (which controls the switch), and two dual band access points. Oh, and a brand new PLM.


Last night, I performed "link management, start linking", and found only the x10 device. No matter what I did, I could not get the dual band control switch to be found. Today, I tried to manually add the motion sensor, by using link management, link a motion sensor. I enter the address of the motion sensor, give the motion sensor a name, and hit "OK", and nothing at all happens.



Everything but the x10 device is brand new. The only thing I can find on the network is the x10 device.


What debugging steps should I be taking?


Thank you.

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When adding the motion sensor, did you open up the sensor and press the set button to wake up the sensor and put it in linking mode? Likewise, did you press the set button on the dual band switch after selecting start linking?



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