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Double The Fun PLMs; Two Operating Together.


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Hi - I happen to have a second Insteon PLM in addition to the one used by the ISY unit (silly me, bought the USB model). Can I hook this module up to a PC with say HouseLink on it and us both at the same time? Anyone doing something similar? I understand there will be a lot of linking.





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I think I've read that this isn't a good idea because the two controllers might have different ideas about how each device is supposed to be configured and then mess it up one way or another. No matter what I think you're right ... it would be a lot of linking.

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Running both HouseLinc and your ISY Controller is a bad idea.

Each one will add links to your modules the other one does not know about and possibly over write or orphan some links.

In the end you system will be degraded by missing or orphan links.

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Technically it's possible but a really bad idea. I temporarily had HL and ISY managing a KPL. Getting it fully functioning without HL or ISY overwriting necessary links of the other was a trial and error process that took several tries. If for any reason HL or ISY rewrites the full link table on the device it would stop working from the other. I was getting some weird behavior from HL for Events that would be delayed 25 secs.

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