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Broken Pipe and Written Size Invalid during Upgrade


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I apologize if this has been answered somewhere before, but I haven't found it in my searching the forum.......


I am trying to upgrade to the ISY-994i/IR Pro from the ISY-99i/IR Pro (1050). Per the recommendations/ instructions I need to get my ISY-99 to 3.3.10 from 3.2.6, before I install the 994. But the install of 3.3.10 hangs very early in the load (about 2%) and gives the following two errors:


Upgrade Failed: Failed uploading file (reported written size is invalid)


Socket Open Failed java.io.IOException: Broken pipe


I have seen at least one thread where this was resolved by clearing the cache....I have done the same and I get the same errors each time.


I am running a Mac with OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.5, with Java Version 7 Update 45 (build 1.7.0_45-b18). I did have to upgrade to this latest version of Java......


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide......



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Thanks for the prompt response. I have been burned by that in the past. If I recall correctly, Safari is one culprit that automatically unzips files. As a result, I only use Firefox to download those files. In addition, I checked the file itself and it still has the .zip extension. I then unzipped it and it grew to 7 MB from 5 something MB. So I believe I am using an unzipped file.......


That said, I did copy the file from the download folder to my local "Home Automation" folder..........



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