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Control KPL LED brightness level?


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Hi All,

I received my ISY99i/PRO last night and began the process of learning what I can do with this awesome device.


I would like to have an 8 button KPL on each night stand that would allow me to not only control the bedroom / bathroom lights (mix of direct control and scenes) but also an ALL house on/off.


However the problem I have right now is that I cannot stand to have “light†in the bedroom I just can’t sleep well, so I purchased the new model KPL’s that allow us to set the LED brightness. This works well in that I can set the LED’s to “7†so that when the button is in an “off†state the light emitted is minimal and very acceptable.


Ideally I would like to be able to program a button on each of the KPL’s that we might call a “good night†button and selecting this would turn all lights in the bedroom & bathroom off and set both of the KPL’s in the night stand to an “off†state i.e. all buttons would be off, the LED level is “7†and I sleep soundly, is this possible? If so would any kind soul give me the steps / details to do this?


Even better would be to have a program running that say an hour later would set the “bathroom†scene button LED and good night button to an “on†state i.e. lit and by 6am set all scene buttons to be in an “on†state and lit as that would allow me or the wife to find the KPL in the dark if we need to make a run during the night but allow sufficient time for us to sleep without the lights being on? Wild maybe, unnecessary even but cool ;)


Appreciate any help, just getting started!




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