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Odd behaviour


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I have a night scene where everything shuts off except two lights at 20%


Everything else is at zero.


If the wall sconces (which should be at zero when the scene is pushed) are on before I push the scene KPL, they fade to a % (they should be at 0)


If they are off before I trigger the scene, they stay off.

They used to work properly in the scene.

The wall sconces are on the load of a different KPL then the one that has the button for this particular scene.


Any ideas why this happens, and maybe a fix?



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I only have the one controller to the scene and the levels are correct.


Sometimes I try to log into the ISY and it says I'm logged in but I can't see the network.


Other times I try to adjust a level and the percentage box doesn't appear (not when I'm sliding it or when it's the system busy box). But I can move the fader around.


I'm noticing my ISY MEM and ERROR red lights are blinking on and off very slowly (about three seconds on, three second off).


I had to reset the PLM and ISY by unplugging them a while ago because I had to GUI control and the programs wouldn't work.


The Programs work but the GUI is on again off again.


Michel hinted that I may have a crashing PLM.


Where can I go from here?



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Hi Andrew,


If you have any external controller (such as a KeypadLinc button) controlling the scene, then by definition there are at least two controllers of the scene, since ISY is a controller of all scenes. It is for this reason that I suggested the wiki article to ensure that the levels are set correctly for both controllers.


The MEM and ERROR lights blinking indicate that ISY is not receiving an IP from your router, and the other problems in that post are also symptomatic of a lost connection. Would you kindly reboot your router (and possibly reboot ISY after rebooting the router) and let us know if that helps.

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