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keypadlinc set button is red


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Hi mbrossart-


I am assuming this is a V.43 firmware KPL. These newer KPLs are coming with a multicolor LED behind the set button.


From the User manual:

Error Blink
Default = on
This setting is adjustable via software or a central controller only.
Keypad Dimmer LED blinks red for a few seconds if one or more responders do not acknowledge a message. 

LED Behavior
Keypad has a dual-color green and red LED which momentarily indicates if a button press was successfully
communicated to all scene members. 
LED State Meaning
Blinks green once - One or more scene members acknowledge the button press.
Blinks red once - One or more scene members did not acknowledge the button press
(note: scene members may still have heard the scene command and adjusted their settings)


This doesn't explain a constant steady red condition. If this wasn't happening on 2 different KPL's I would have said device failure. Do they operate properly aside from the red glow?


I have one of these newer KPL's and don't notice any red glow even when the room is dark.



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