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Communications errors


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I have about 50 insteon devices (mostly 2477D, and a few Keypadlincs all managed by an ISY 994i.

The system had been working reasonably well, but had some intermittent comms issues, which manifested themselves in timer programs not running properly. Still the system had settled and was working mostly well.

In order to improve comms I installed a signalinc (2406H) and as of the install comms went from ok to horrific. Most if not all the switches were not accessible, however I could communicate and update the switches but only one at a time.

I restored the PLM; no improvement. Restore Devices; device access errors.

I removed the signalinc and just trying to get back to the prior state...and still struggling.

No other change had occurred on the system.


ANy ideas?

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The hardwired coupler is passive, passing whatever arrives on one 120v leg to the other including any noise that might be on the 120v line. It also does not amplify the signal going to the other leg, again because it is a passive coupler. That is why I much prefer Access Points to couple with.

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yes, thank you - there must be some noise on one of the phases, which i'll have to track down.


Device Current state is not however reflecting properly, except when I force a manual query of the devices.

I can switch on and off all the devices from the admin console so the comms is happening.


What is the issue with the PLM not picking up the state changes?

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot that?

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The message from the device to the PLM that it changed state is not being received if the device is showing a change intermittently. A device that never shows a device state change could be the result of the device or the PLM losing link records. If many devices never show a state change I would do a File | Restore Modem (PLM) to rebuild the PLM link database. If a single device not reporting state changes the a Restore Device can be done.


A comm issue due to lack of coupling (maybe no Access Points since the passive coupler was installed) can also prevent a device state change from reaching the PLM. A sense of how well a device is seeing commands from the PLM can be determined by running the Event Viewer at LEVEL 3 and sending On and Off commands from the Admin Console. Watch the Hops Left count, 2 is best, 1 is okay, 0 is at the limit of operation. A Hops Left count that changes frequently indicates comm issues.

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