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Upgrade 99i to 994i, How To?


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My 99i has become flaky. So, I have ordered a 994i.


Is there anything special I need to do to transfer my 99i programs and configuration to the 994i? Just do a backup and restore?


There is probably a FAQ on this somewhere, but I could not find it.

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Make sure you have upgraded the 99 to 3.3.10. Make a good backup. If you have the Pro module and have anything on the webserver, copy that out to a folder on your computer as that is not included in the ISY backup. Make a note of the ISY's UUID from Help/About as you will need this and the 994's UUID when requesting that any of your purchased modules get transferred to the 994.


Shut down the old 99I and unplug the PLM. Connect the new 994 to the PLM. Power up the PLM, wait a few seconds then power up the 994. Login to the 994 and restore your backup from the 99i



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Once the 994i is installed and working, is there a way to tell if my Network Module exists? I'm not currently using it, but would like to confirm whether it just comes in with the restored backup, or whether I somehow need to re-apply it after the upgrade from 99i to 994i.



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