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Installed elk module on the isy and now it won't connect


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I cannot get the isy to show up all when I use the universal devices admin console. It is not appearing or connecting to the device any more. Tried turning it off a few times too, it flashes the lights and seems to connect to the network. It doesn't display an error light, but it also no longer connects to anything from my computer. How do I figure out what is wrong and how do I get it to respond to me again?




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I would start with a reboot of the PLM and ISY if you haven't already. Unplug the PLM from power and unplug the ISY power supply. Plut the PLM back in, wait about 10 seconds then plug the ISY power back in. Wait a minute and try to connect again.



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Did some more rebooting and seems to be working again now :)


I'm guessing that the ISY is configured for DHCP and was getting a different IP address than it had previously. You can either:

A) Configure the ISY for static addressing and assign an IP address that is outside of your DHCP pool.

B) Use your router to set a Static DHCP assigned address.

C) Just check with your router to find the ISY's current IP address when you can no longer connect at the previous address.



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