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I recently upgraded to a 994 and am looking for a basic overview of the 'retry' function. I guess that this may have been there in the past, but I never stumbled across it. Specifically is it something that can help the reliability of scenes or other functions. I periodically have issues with a device or two in a scene that doesn't respond to a scene command or something else. Does this simply send the same command multiple times or is there some type of acknowledgement signal that the device sends? I also see some information in the wiki about Group Clean Retries.


Does anyone have a dummies overview of these functions? When they should be considered? How people are effectively using them today? etc? I assume that there is a performance tradeoff so are there any rules of thumb about when to use them?



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The 'retries' is associated with I2CS devices only. With the I2CS protocol an I2CS device as a Controiller can have the number of times a Group Cleanup Direct message will be retried defined for each Responder. The Group Cleanup Direct message is sent to each Responder which insures a button/paddle press action is recognized by each Responder. Before I2CS the device would issue the Group Cleanup Direct message up to 3 times.


This has no affect on the reliabilty of an ISY Scene invoked from the Admin Console, an App, or an ISY Program. It does not affect Direct commands issued from the PLM. The PLM itself is not an I2CS device. It could improve reliability of a KeypadLinc button press to a particular Responder for example. It can also generate extra Insteon so it should be used with consideration.

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Thanks for the info. I am not familiar with I2CS, but a quick search seems to imply that this is part of some of the newer devices that I have.

In my situation, I have some buttons that drive scenes on the latest Keypadlinc. If I understand correctly I can update the number of retries for devices within the scene? Anyone have any experience... good, bad, or indifferent to playing with these settings?

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Hi sfhutchi,


I would not touch the number of retries if I were you. It might add to network congestion, traffic, and many other unexplained behavior. If you so choose to do so, please try on a couple first, do NOT do any other configuration changes, observe for a few days and then decide whether or not you want to keep those settings.


With kind regards,


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