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Create an All Lights On Scene Requiring a Shutoff Command


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I have been able to create an 'All Lights On' scene controlled by a number of Open/Close sensors where the lights all come on at the same time when one of the Open/Close sensor-Opened goes 'On' due to a door or window opening. I'm using the scene as a perimeter security system.


The problem is that when the window or door that controlled the scene is closed, the lights turn 'Off'. I want them to remain on until an overt action is taken by me to shut them 'Off'.


Any ideas?

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Trigger an ISY Program with the Sensor and have the Program turn the Scene On. There will a slight delay getting the Program started and Scene invoked (around 1 second).


Also the Open/Close Sensor has an alternate two node mode (remove internal jumper) which causes On commands only to be issued to each node which would turn On the Scene but not turn it Off.

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With my hidden door sensor I am able to set it up with two nodes. This way when the door to the basement is opened, the lights for the steps come on, but they do not turn off when the door closes. If you can set this up without a program it will work faster, slight delay with the program as Lee stated.


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