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upgrade form 99ir Pro to a 994ir Pro?

Jay M

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Before I realized there was an upgrade option, I already bought a new 994ir Pro from Smart home. They have a 30 day return policy, so I want to know if I can save a significant amount of money by upgrading.


Last week I tried to call Universal Devices, but that was unsuccessful. I called, left a message, they called back the next day while I was at lunch, I called them again, left a message again, they called back again the following day at lunch time and I missed the call, I called a third time, and still haven't heard back.


Maybe the phone is too old fashioned.


I have a 99ir Pro with a 3 or so year old PLM, that I don't think is dual band.


I would like to move up to a 994ir pro with a new Dual band PLM.


What are my options?




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Thanks, I just put in a request.


Would it be possible to answer the question here?


Can you give me more details on the Upgrades section of this page:



I have a 99ir Pro

I want a 994ir Pro + a new dual band PLM.


Is there an upgrade option for that? I paid $314 for the 994ir Pro + PLM. Would an upgrade be significantly cheaper?




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I got a quick email response from UDI. I have already placed an order for an upgrade.


Time flies when you are having fun. I bought my ISY99ir way back in 2008! I have no idea it had been that long.


Except for the inability to update the firmware, it has been nearly flawless in operation all these years.


That is why I didn't hesitate to remain loyal to UDI. The fact that there was a generous upgrade discount, was just icing on the cake.



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