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Blinking KPL button

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Looking for some advice, I have the following program to blink a KPL button ON/OFF to let me know that my garage door has been left open. It works exactly as I want it too but I am concerned because the Admin console is flashing busy/ready. Is this a bad idea because it is causing to much traffic?



Status 'Garage Sensor' is On

And Status 'Garage Sensor' is not Off



Wait 30 minutes

Set Scene 'Garage Door' On

Wait 1 second

Set Scene 'Garage Door' Off

Run Program 'Garage Door KPL Blink' (Then Path)



Set Scene 'Garage Door' Off

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I agree. Too much traffic unless you have an error free Insteon network (no retransmits). Unless you have put in a lot of filters, I doubt that's the case.


I had this setup for a while for the same exact purpose. If I watched it, it had noticeable pauses and the blink cycles weren't evenly timed. I decided to test some traffic while it was running. I updated a KPL which generates a lot of Insteon traffic. I would have a failure 1 out of 5 times. I now just turn on the light and raise the LED ON-brightness to 15. I also send a text message to my phone.


My conclusion was exactly as TJF. Would be great if Smartlabs added a localized blink function that could be called. The KPLs do blink a few times when using non-toggle mode to let you know the button was pushed. It would be such as simple and useful addition to make.

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Thanks for the advice. I tried running it for a couple days and I did notice it caused some issues. Once I disabled the program everything was back to normal. I guess the text message is the way to go, but a blinking button is a great idea hopefully we might see it in the future.


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