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Windows 8 java problems


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I just got a new Win8 computer, and I can't get the admin console to run (ISY99i, version 3.1.17). When I click on the admin console and accept / run Java (after a fresh Java install, verified and tested), I get an "error - click for details" message in the Java box. Clicking on it gives me a SecurityException box, with the text "Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar:".


Help! I'd like to upgrade, but can't do anything until the admin console runs!

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Hi creeble-


You will need to ad an exception for the ISY to your Java control panel. the 99i can only be upgraded as far as 3.3.10. 3.3.10 still does not include the necessary information that the new Java is looking for and will continue to require and exception be in place.


Here is the info for adding an exception:


Add ISY-99 to exception list with Java 1.7.51+


With the advent of Java 1.7.51 and up, Java applets are now required to contain a manifest file. Those that don’t are now not allowed to run unless you make a security exception for the applet. UDI has released newer firmware (4.1.2) that includes a manifest file and meets the new requirements. The ISY-99 series is not receiving firmware updates after firmware 3.3.10 as it has run out of room for the larger code in the newer firmwares. If you have decided not to upgrade to the ISY-994 series controllers, you will need to work around the new Java requirements and add an exception for your ISY-99i. Here is how to make that exception.




Open System Preferences and double click the Java icon.

In the Java preferences, click the security tab.

Click “Edit Site Listâ€

Click “Add†and enter the URL for your ISY.

Acknowledge the warning that this poses a security risk by clicking “Continueâ€

Click “OK†then “OK†and close the Java preferences window.




Open the Windows Control Panel

Double click the Java control panel applet.

Click the Security tab

Click the “Edit Site List…†button.

Click the “Add†button and enter the URL for your ISY-99i series controller.

Click “OK†and close the Windows Control Panelâ€


This should get you back up and running until you can upgrade to an ISY-994 and the newer firmware.


UDI is currently running an upgrade special for owners of the 99i. For $99 you can replace the 99i with the current 994 model and transfer any purchased modules that you have on your 99i. You should seriously consider upgrading to the 994 as already, some newer Insteon modules are not supported on the 99i.


Hope this helps.



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Ugh, well, thanks very much for the help. Got it working. Java is the most user-unfriendly environment I've ever encountered.


I'm happy with what my 99i does, but I am looking at buying some new Insteon modules. What modules aren't supported by the 99i?

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The Dual Band KeypadLinc (only KeypadLinc available) is not supported. There are some new device types such as the Door Sensor were released after 3.3.10. The Leak Sensor and Smoke Bridge may have come out after 3.3.10. The KeypadLinc is the most common issue since most installs use them.

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