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Cannot add new scene.


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Wanted to create two new scenes this morning but can't seem to do so. Just simply hitting the New Scene button in the toolbar and I get the following error:




I tried a second time and got:




Very strange. I tired rebooting my Isy but get the same error.


I checked the two net module rules in first error, and they are both working. However they computer that is specified in the URL was turned off at the time. But I'm not sure why this matter anyways when adding a new scene.



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I did some searching on the forum and I think I've hit the limit of my i994. I am not totally positive as I'm not sure how/where I can check the scene/device limit or if I have to simply count them by hand.


I guess if i've reached the limit I'll need to switch to the pro version. I guess I should have bought it to begin with. Oh well.



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The Pro add on can be purchased if you need it. You don't need a whole new ISY994i.

In the Help Purchase Modules choice. See if the Pro add on is avilable to purchase.

When you purchase it. UDI updates your ISY994i to add the Pro features remotely.

Though I would wait until you get assistance on calculating your Scenes, Programs and total links.

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