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Micro On / Off with sense not working


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Hello, need some assistance with a Micro On/Off module. I am using an ISY-994 for my programs. I have it tied into a floodlight with a motion sensor built in. I also have a switchlinc that is programmed to turn on and off the floodlights and that works fine. I can also turn on the floodlights through the Micro module. I do have all the wiring to the Micro module wired in correctly, but the motion will not activate the module. Is there aything additional that nneds to be done? I have looked at my programming in my ISY and cannot seem to figure it out.





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If the motion sensor is built into the light, there probably isn't enough power going to the unit to power it up.

When the microswitch is off, the motion detector essentially isn't getting any power, so it is essentially off.

Since the motion detector is off, it can't engage the relay to turn the light on, which the Micro module would sense and then provide full power.

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