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Nag Screen - Help


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I had to do a password reset on my 994. Did as instructed, logged in with default user/pw. Changed the User/PW all great! Until after about a minute a nag screen keeps popping up "Authenticate ISY" The nag screen shows the user/pw in the boxes, but I have to hit OK to get back to the programming screen. It does this continually. I'm out of idea's on how to get the Nag Screen to stop popping up.


I tried updating the firmware to the latest version from V.4.0.5 to V.4.2.2 Did not help.


Can someone lend a hand here pls.


I'm using a PC with Win 8.1. I'm launching from the desktop as advise.


G :(

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Hi gerrya,


I am so very sorry to hear. For most expedient resolution it's always best to contact our tech support (links below).


What I suspect is that you have a firewall software that's blocking ISY from publishing events to the Admin Console. You might want to try using https to connect to ISY.


With kind regards,


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