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Venstar T1900 replacing Insteon


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Although I was very happy with the Insteon 2441TH (for sale if anyone needs one) .. Im getting a heatpump and needed a thermostat that supports dual fuels - Electric Furnace and HeatPump..

I installed the Smarthome Insteon Dongle as well



Question ..


I see 2 definitions in my ISY on the new Thermostat..


Im not sure if this is normal ?


Will the ISY send a clock setting to the new thermostat ?..


Additionally.. Im trying to cycle my FAN on thirty mins cycles.. this is what I coded.. but only seems to work if I submit a execute a Then Command..bizarre.. maybe I need to wait till a new day starts as my start time is 0600am ..


this is what I coded ??





thanks everyone..



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The nodes for 1E.0B.A8 look like the entries for a 2441TH. Was the 2441TH removed from the ISY?


The Program will execute the Then clause at 6:00 AM. Defining the Program during the day (after 6:00 AM) does not cause the Program to trigger.


There is no clock API.

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Thx Lee.. I deleted both Thermostat entries and re installed .. That seem to have fix although I have three line items for the Fan






Thanks for the other input.. The fan command was driving me bonkers..

Thx !

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