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Link Remotelinc button to Insteon Thermostat 2441TH


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I'm a isy994i newbie here, I'm able to rebuild most of my scenes with 20+ insteon device in my house, but I'm having a little trouble with 2441TH thermostat.


I create a scene to link my remotelinc E node to 2441TH Main node, and the On button of scene E on remotelinc successfully turn the theremostat into desired mode, however I can't turn off the 2441TH by press Off button of scene E, and I can't see a way to link the Off button as there is no separate node for Off button of each scene on remotelinc.


I know I can manually link thermostat to remotelinc, but I'd like to be able to see/change all my settings in gui. So I hope I can do all this with isy994i's interface.



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Thanks, I tried the program, is it normal the program takes about 15 to 20 seconds to finish? In the log I see the program started as soon as I press the button on remotelinc, but the thermostat status doesn't change until about 15 seconds later. If I manually link the thermostat to remotelinc, the status seems to change fairly quick.

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If you go to Tools > Diagnostic > Event Viewer

Set the Level to 3. Device communication events

Clear the log.


Then press the button, wait until your thermostat changes, see the update in the event viewer, then hit Save Log to Text.


Then, post that log in the [.code][./code] without the dots tags here so we can see.


On my quick tests it took maybe ~ 5 seconds for everything to settle. This is with a wired insteon Thermostat. I can also try it on my wireless thermostat to see if it makes any difference.

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