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state of keypadlinc button sometimes "blank"


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I am using a keypadlinc secondary button (D) as a "run schedule" control. When the D-button light is OFF my schedule is not run by the ISY and conversely, when the D-button light is ON the schedule is run by the ISY. (I use the state of the D-button as a folder conditon on a series of programs).


In a generally steady-state situation this works correctly. Sometimes I find the schedule is not being run even though the keypadlinc D-button is ON. I have further found that the state of the button is shown as a blank in the Main tab of the admin console. If I run a query, the state remains blank even though the D-button light is ON. The only way I have found to correct the situation is to press the button (turning it OFF) and then press it again turning it ON. Then the state of the D-button will be shown correctly ON and the schedule will be run.


I have more recently found that if the ISY has experienced a power-fail, this "blank" state is seen.


How can I make the ISY reliably see the state of the keypadlinc secondary button? And recover from this power-fail conditon?

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What you have observed regarding the ISY status of KPL secondary buttons being blank following a power failure, until the button is actually pressed (thereby sending a signal), is correct. This is because KPL secondary buttons cannot be queried in the same manner as load devices, and therefore ISY's boot-up query does not sense the status of those buttons.


Perhaps in the future a different command may be used to query the secondary buttons. As a workaround, might I suggest that you use a program similar to the following:


Program Run Schedule
       Control 'KPLd' is switched On
   And Control 'KPLd' is not switched Off

       Set Program 'Run Schedule' To Run At Startup

       Set Program 'Run Schedule' To Not Run At Startup

and then base the folder condition upon the state of the Run Schedule program (which normally follows the state of the button), rather than upon the KPL button itself.


This way, when ISY reboots, the program will resume its former state before the power loss, and your schedule folder should be properly enabled/disabled.

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