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run program command


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Is a run program like a go to or a call subroutine?  On a go to it runs it and falls out the bottom and it's done while with a call subroutine it returns to the line after the call subroutine.

Unless a program Then or Else ends with a Run Program .... statement, execution simply ends at the last statement.


Event driven programming in the ISY is not necessarily a linear program flow like a BASIC program.  Many things (threads) can run in parallel.


Take for example:


Program: TestProgram


   Run Program1 (If Path)
   Run Program2 (If Path)
   Run Program3 (If Path)
   Run Program4 (If Path)
   Run TestProgram (Else Path)

   Run Program5 (If Path)
   Run Program6 (If Path

Selecting Run Then on TestProgram will result in programs 1 through 6 all running simultaneously.




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