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Issues with replacing a PLM


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Hi, I had a PLM go out and judging by the comments on the reviews for the 2413S, this is a common thing.  I thought I could just borrow the PLM from my work system and use it at home but now I think I might have messed up both locations.  I don't really care about the work setup but my house is the real concern.  I used the "restore PLM" option in the admin console and now many of my devices have ! communication issues.  I followed the instructions on the Wiki for the PLM restore but then I started to wonder if part of the issue is that it is not a new PLM (was using it at work with another ISY).  Does anyone know if I can salvage my home setup or am I going to have to re-add each device?  I did backup the ISY.

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Everything has been working well since I resolved this issue but I just noticed something weird and I think it's related to this issue/thread.  I have an insteon wall switch that is some how controlling an X10 switch.  When I turn on or off the insteon switch, the x10 switch turns on or off.  In addition to that, when I turn on or off the x10 switch from the admin console, the insteon switch turns on or off as well.  I've checked through all of my programs and scenes and don't see anything in the programming that would cause this.  


Is it possible that the 2 devices are using the same PLM address (if I'm understanding that correctly) and thats why this is happening?  I've tried re-adding the insteon device and used the restore device command and nothing is changing.  When I re-added the insteon switch, I used the first option in linking to remove existing links.


I'm a noob so please excuse any of the above that might seem stupid.  I'll be replacing the x10 device this weekend but just want to understand how this can happen.  Thanks.

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Some devices are/used to be given an X10 address as part of the quality testing. Or you inadvertently gave the device an Insteon address--maybe you forgot. In any case, factory reset the problem  device and use the ISY to restore it (right click on the device).

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