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I/O Linc with Hardwired Motion Sensor


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I have a hardwired motion sensor wired to an Insteon I/O Linc GND and Sense inputs. The power for the motion sensor is provided via a separate 12v source. When the motion sensor trips, the I/O Linc sense LED turns off. When there is no motion, the sense LED stays on. This is the desired/expected result. However, I don't see this reflected in the ISY 994i I/O Linc Motion Sensor state. In other words, there is no reaction to the sense input on/off state in the ISY. I'm trying capture that state to trigger lights to turn on/off. What am I doing wrong, or is what I'm trying to do possible with a wired motion sensor and the I/O Linc module.

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Yes, it is communicating because when I press the Set button on the IOLinc, the values (on/off) instantly change within the ISY. I have not set up a program yet because I can see that the motion sensor value in the ISY doesn't change when the sensor LED on the IOLinc changes, thus the program would never be triggered.


FYI, I have the Motion Relay options set to the "Momentary C" setting

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If the sensor light is on the isy should be able to see this. Are you looking at the sensor or the relay status for the io linc in the admin console. Maybe use two wires for the G and sensor inputs for the io linc that you can connect together instead of the motion sensor to make it easier to trouble shoot this.

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The motion sensor is NOT providing what the I/O Linc requires.   The I/O Linc is expecting it's GND connection to be connected to it's Sensor connection through  a dry contact switch to turn the I/O Linc Sensor On.   It is not designed to operate from a voltage from another device.  Refer to the I/O Linc User Guide for proper connection to I/O Linc Sensor.


Ground – Used with Sense terminal for detecting sensor status
Sense – Used with Ground terminal for detecting sensor status
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I vaguely seem to recall that the LED is wired into the sense circuitry, not controlled by the micro in the I/OLinc -- which means that it is possible it may illuminate even though the micro in the device didn't sense the change.  So, you cannot reliably use the LED's status as an indication of what the device actually reads.  In other words, what I'm trying to say is that it's very possible that the LED is being lit by the voltage from the motion sensor, instead of lighting up because the input is seeing what the micro needs to see.


Remove the motion sensor, and use a jumper wire on the inputs to the I/OLinc -- if you can see the jumper wire changes to state on the ISY, then clearly the problem is that your motion sensor is not providing what the I/OLinc requires -- as Lee G stated above.

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The sensor of the io linc is triggered by a connection between the sense and ground wires, basically completing a circuit between the two.  This is why others and I have suggested using plain wires to trouble shoot.  If the motion sensor isfunctioning by putting out 1.5v then it will not work the way you have it wired.  I did a search for a 1.5v relay and this does not look like an easy solution.  I use the 12v put out by the elk water valve to close an automotive relay, completing a circuit between the ground and sense terminals on an io linc. 

What type of motion sensor do you have.


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