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ISY Program Listing


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I would like to produce a listing (names, content, state, etc.) of all my ISY programs.  Ideally it would also include variables, scenes, devices too.  Optionally configuration would be nice.  I wouldn't care where it is put (output to file, to clipboard, to printer, whatever).


This seems like a very basic thing but I am stumped how to do it (not for a lack of trying and online searches).


What am I missing....  how do you do this?  If it is not currently possible, is it on the enhancement list?  Could it be?


I see that I can copy to clipboard a program but only 1-at-a-time.  I can export all programs to XML but writing a program to convert that to a decent listing would be a bit of work and only partially address this.


The online interface to the current version of my code is fine, but a full program listing is needed for archival reference purposes.


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