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Aeon Labs Aeotech MultiSensor 4-n-1


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Hey everyone,

I searched and could not find any posts regarding the Multisensor, outside of Nov 2013 that it was not yet supported.


I have 3 of these and like the functionallity of Motion (PIR), Temp, Humidity, Lumens.


The will pair with the ISY994i ZW IR Pro just fine, but I have two problems I cannot seem to work out.

For reference, I am running these via USB (not battery). I have not custom set the programming on them as some have indicated, because the Aeon docs say "when paired, pair with the power supply you will use, as the device chooses its setup based on power source"

I do not know if that is true, since even in USB Powered mode, it shows "Battery 100%"

If that is the case, then I will do that.


So the two problems:


Temp is in Celclius

  • I have updated the device to the latest firmeware via usb as described by Aeon Labs
  • I have contacted Aeon, they said, to contact UD as there is some way to config it

Motion Detection

  • I have a Program where I just want to turn on lights with motion
  • I have tried Sensor Status: "is responding", "is on", "is off",
  • Sensor Control: "on", "off"
  • ...yet it does not seem to turn on the indicated light.
  • Just wonder what the corect seting "on motion" turn on light?


Thanks in advance, as I have 3 of these I want to set up.

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Seems for some reason, magically it moved to Fahrenheit, so that problem is solved.


I sorted out the Motion Detection after reading a link on here where someone else was having a problem.


Motion Notes:

  • Use 2 programs
  • 1. The condition and timer function
    From Sunset
    To Sunrise (next day)
  And Control 'Hall Motion' is switched On
  And Control 'Hall Lights'  is not switched On

    Run Program 'Hall Lights Timer' (If)

    - No Actions - 

Notice that calls another Program "Hall Lights Timer"

    Status 'Hall Lights' < 1%

    Set 'Hall Lights' 10%
    Wait 1 minute
    Set 'Hall Lights' Off

- No Actions - 

The CRITICAL portion that I did not read, was the "Timer" Program needs to NOT BE ENABLED, as it seems to just run in a loop if it is. So I learned that even if a Program is Not Enabled, it can still run on demand, by user input or if called from another program.


Hope this helps some others out there.

I have the Climate Module, so will start working on Humidity for the Bathroom Vents as well.

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The Temp should switch to Fahrenheit after a while, at least mine did.


For checking on motion make sure you are selecting the device that shows up as "binary" in the ISY.  By default it creates 2 nodes for the multisensor one shows "multi" and the other is "binary" which is what has the motion.  Then use "control" not "status".


If it's not working then make sure the ISY is seeing the z-wave commands. 


- Jim

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Jimbo, Thanks!


It took days for it to switch....strange.

I think I got it fixed now, and you probably didnt see my post, as I was writing while you posted maybe.

Yes, on the two devices, as the way it addresses it.

I called it Hall - Motion and Hall - Enviro.


These bubbles are a tlitle bigger than I thought, about the size of racketball. I thought from the pictures on amazon that they were the size of a golf ball. But it matters not, one sensor to do 4 things is what is attractive. Many birds, one stone.

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  • 2 months later...

I actually took a $2 USB AC adapter (think like an iphone charger) and tore it apart, soldered longer lead wires to the 120v input, pulled off the metal 'plug legs' and then make it were I could hard wire it. Then I hard wired it into the 120V of the Smoke Detectors, with a 6" USB Micro Cable.

Then I don't have to worry about batteries. This works for the Hall, Bedrooms, Living.

But since I have them in the Bathrooms, there are no Smoke detectors in the Bathrooms.

I created a Program based on Humidity, to turn on the Bathroom Vent if Humidity >xx%, turn off if < xx%.....


Sensors work well, but just to be complete, let me drop in some notes on configuring them for USB or Battery:


For a USB-powered MultiSensor:

    Parameter 4: 1 (Enable PIR Motion Sensor)
    Parameter 101: 224 (Sets sensors reported in group 1) [report Temperature, light, and humidity]
    Parameter 111: 240 (Sets the interval of reports for group 1) [report group 1 every 4 minutes or 240 seconds]

For a battery-powered MultiSensor:

    Parameter 4: 1 (Enable PIR Motion Sensor)
    Parameter 101: 225 (Sets sensors reported in group 1) [report Temperature, battery, light, and humidity]
    Parameter 111: 480 (Sets the interval of reports for group 1) [report group 1 every 8 minutes or 480 seconds]

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