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MobiLinc is unable to connect to your lighting controller


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After upgrading my phone to Android 5.0.1 I get this error: MobiLinc is unable to connect to your lighting controller


If I disable HTTPS it works.


There are some suggestions to make a new certificate, but I don't understand why this would matter. Anyways, I try to make a new certificate: I fill in all the info in the ISY Dashboard and then I click "Cert. Request" and I get this error repeated 5 times: "Subject type class is invalid." 


Since that fails I make a new certificate in my CA and then attempt to import it in PKCS12 format and it asks for a password -- however this certificate has no password -- I press OK on the password prompt leaving it blank. After this there is neither an error or confirmation, but it appears not to work!


Any tips on how to get this working again?

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My ISY is non-Pro and the version is V.4.2.18.


I've managed to import a newly generated certificate and key in PKCS12 format after manually adding a password to it, however it still does not communicate and continues to give the same error as before. The parameters I used to generate the certificate are as follows:


Key length: 1024 bits

Digest algorithm: SHA256

Certificate type: server certificate

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