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ISY with Napco or DSC Security System?


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Installing a new wired home security system. Looks like it is coming down to either NAPCO Gemini or a DSC offering. Are these integratable with the ISY? If so what else would one need to tie them together to take advantage of the benefits?



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I don't know about the NAPCO


However integrating the DSC Powerline Series (NOT THE NEO) is absolutely possible using a community made utility.

This allows the ISY state variables to be populated so that the ISY knows when any sensor activated, the system armed / disarmed and lets you send commands back to the DSC for arming etc.


My first integration I finished this week - when my front door opens the ISY turns on internal lights.  The only sensor on the door is the DSC one.


I suggest you start with this forum http://forum.universal-devices.com/forum/40-dsclink/ - this the app you run on Windows, Linux that talks to the DSC, you will need an EVL board to do this http://www.eyezon.com/?page_id=176 (link updated)


I run DSCLink on raspberry pi (I have had minimal linux experience so this can be done by the motivated beginner)


Let me know if you have any more questions.


PS I build and commission the entire alarm myself - not sure what happens if you have one installed by an alarm company and they lock you out... I can also send you the (legal) link to the DSC programming software if you buy one

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More than 10 years ago, I looked at trying to add on my to builder installed Napco GEM security panel. At the time Napco did not have any add on devices to connect it to a LAN, mobile apps for remote control, etc. Even if they did I had to be a licensed dealer or professional installer to order, or have it professionally installed. That's when I decided to replace the system with an Elk M1G and added the ISY, both of which work well together out of the box. No need to run middleware on another computer. I was able to reuse all the sensors and wire runs for the new keypads. Best decision I made and I have never looked back.

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