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Universal Devices announces remote access and control system for OpenADR end nodes.

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Universal Devices announces remote access and control system for OpenADR end nodes.


A fully integrated control panel to minimize stranded assets and maximize demand response program efficiency.


February 2, 2015 Encino, CA – Universal Devices, an industry leader in energy management and automation devices, today announced the general availability of its management portal for utility partners and business customers.

Utilities look to Universal Device’s ISY994 series OpenADR VEN for its unparalleled security in a behind-the-firewall client for demand response. The ISY994 series gives customers the security and peace of mind that only a locally deployed standalone system can give, while providing utilities the reporting and management features they need without rolling a truck.


Unlike competing solutions that utilize the cloud to monitor devices and process OpenADR events, the portal provides the utility the ability to remotely troubleshoot and ensure trouble free connected status, but not the direct ability to control or monitor the users’ behavior.


Built into the ISY994 series controllers real-time operating system is a secure method for the controller to connect to the portal from the business location, in a firewall friendly manner. While the utility has only limited access, the business customer may elect to subscribe to one of several packages for complete control of one or more ISY994 series controllers to fully monitor, manage, and control connected devices. This functionality provides the owner to aggregate multiple buildings into a holistic view while ensuring the security of the building’s systems using fine-grained user permissions. Full control for business owners is slated for release in Q2 2015, while the utility portal is available for deployment starting this month.


Universal Devices based in Encino, CA, produces a variety of automation and energy management devices for Home, Business, and Industry.

Management portal demonstrations and private meetings are available at DistribuTECH Feb 3-5, San Diego in the Universal Devices OpenADR Alliance booth #3811.  Contact Mike Ippolito mike@universal-devices.com for more information.

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