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How to detect power outage, and execute program upon return


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Does anyone have an idea how I could detect power outage, or simply start a particular "program" when the ISY-99i/PRO IR has just powered-up.


The issue is that I seem to have a customer with various Insteon lights that "pop-on" when the power glitches in their rural county area.


I'd like to tell most lights in the house to turn off, if it's daytime, for example, after the power glitches.


Of course, I still have an issue that the power may only "glitch" momentarily, and that may impact Insteon Switchlincs and Keypadlincs; but, the ISY may not actually power cycle. So, I may need to find a way to detect these glitches. But, at least being able to execute a program after a full outage, time would go a long way in making the customer happy.


- Rob

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Hello Rob,


That's a very good question!


Yes, absolutely you can have a program run when ISY restarts. On the Program Summary tab, highlight the program, then from the drop-down box in the upper left corner, choose Enable Run At Startup and click the Apply button.


The program will now run every time ISY restarts. Unfortunately, there is presently no way to tell whether ISY restarted due to a power failure, or to a reboot such as after updating firmware. That capability is on the request list, and should appear in a future version of the firmware.


To detect a fast power 'glitch' that doesn't cause ISY to reboot would, I think, require some external hardware.

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My Insteon setup feels your pain. I have a couple insurance policy's that work for me.


First of all, as Darrell said, set the program to run at reboot. The program I use is a function of a scene I call AWAY. Inthat scene I have three units, 1) KPL (a) Button ©, 2) KPL (B) Button © and and Appliancelink. The three are in the scene and I turn them "ON" when I'm home, "OFF" when away. I have them in a simple program that looks to see if that AWAY scene is eith on or off. (If KPL(a) is OFF, or KPL(B) is OFF, or Appliancelinc is OFF, Then run AWAY SCENE). ISY then either then runs the program or not. The program that it runs is essentially every 15 minutes every switch in the house turns OFF. In addition I have other programs that I use when I'm home only and they look at the AWAY scene for validity of my presence. It has worked flawless through many a power outage. As a subnote, SH will tell you that Appliancelinc wills return to last state, however I've seen it do otherwise. They seem to always come up OFF. It also seems to make sense that OFF is an AWAY thing. I have never seen a KPL change after power up. That is why I use OFF.


I hope this works for you, it makes me sleep much better.



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