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Is Heal Zwave a superset of other zwave tools?


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Is the heal function a superset of synchronize all nodes and repair links?

Does synchronize all nodes also repair all links?

When / how often should I use any of these - just for troubleshooting or should it be done a preventive maintenance?

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Hi Scyto,


Synchronize nodes is a completely different function: what it does is to bring nodes in the Z-Wave dongle into ISY. For instance, if you have a secondary controller that updates those nodes (adds/removes nodes), then and if and only if ISY does not have them in the Device Tree, then you can use Synchronize Node to synchronize ISY with what's in the dongle. 


Repair links is a different function: it recreates links between devices just in case they have been removed.


Heal network only updates routing tables.


With kind regards,


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