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KPD - Beeped, all buttons LEDs turned on, red light at bottom?


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Last night I was turning off my KPD manually - ust pressing the off switch.


It burped (beeped / buzzed / not sure which) at me and then all the buttons LEDs came on and the little status light was red.  At this point it was not responding.


So I pulled the little set switch out to removed power, pushed it back in after a few seconds and now all is ok.


What happened?  Is the KPD about to fail?

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Hi Scyto


1- It could be a power / static issue: Did you have a brown out / blackout/ power issues recently?

  • If so, or a static issue like fitzpatri8 mentioned, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  • Think about a whole house surge protector if this happens more than several times a year

2- Was the key the "A" key controlling a load? 

  • If so, what is connected to the keypad's load, how many watts, etc.
  • If its a light, is it incandescent, LED, CFL, or lowvoltge lighting transformer?
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