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Help will turning on then off a z-wave device


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I have a relay attached to a z-wave controlled outlet that I have used to open/close my garage doors.  Simply put, I have the outlet turn on for 5 seconds then turn off (which simulates pressing the door opener).  I am unsure of how to do that with my ISY.  Any hints?  Thanks in advance,

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   <whatever your conditions>

   Set 'ZWave Outlet' On
   Wit 5 Seconds
   Set 'ZWave Outlet' Off


Should be all it takes.  Unlike the IOLinc, this solution offers no feedback as to the status of the door.  Do you have some way to verify that the door is open or closed?



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Hey Xathros,


Thanks for the solution (not sure why I missed that).  I am actually using IOLINC to tell me the state of the garage doors (yes, a mixing of z-wave and INSTEON is going on here).  Since my garage door opener has controls for locking out/ lights/ and opening - I kept the working relay setup.



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