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Controlling connected bulbs


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A few questions for those who have used any of these conncected bulbs (insteon or zwave)


1 - Are all links retained when all power is removed from the bulb?  (I do see that the Insteon bulb can be software configured to NOT enter linking mode when power is reapplied)


2 - Is its last power state retained when all power is removed from the bulb?



I realize these bulbs are designed to have constant power so they can be controlled via the normal Insteon control methods.


But I still have a few standard lamps that really lend themselves to simply using the standard twist knob at the base of the bulb.




The idea I have is to try and monitor the status of a bulb that is powered/depowered via the normal lamp switch and use that to trigger the on/off of other bulbs that are installed in lamps that are left in the power on position.


Knowing the answers to questions 1 and 2 above will help me determine if this configuration might be possible.


Thanks in advance.

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The links are retained when power is removed. Whether the bulb remains on has changed and can change again. No reason is given, no announcement is made.

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Thanks for the replies.


Given that the links are retained and that the bulb should turn on (assuming that was its last state) when the lamp is turned back on, then I should be able to create a program like:



          Status 'Insteon bulb 1' is ON



          Set Scene 'Family Room Insteon Bulbs' on




Now to figure out how to turn them off.


Could I simply use a



          Status 'Insteon bulb 1' is not On



          Set Scene 'Family Room Insteon Bulbs' Off




Or is failure to respond (because bulb is depowered) not interpreted as either true or false by the ISY?



Perhaps I just need to learn about setting varialbles because I think that will be the key to figuring out how to determine when the lamp gets turned off and can't respond.


Thanks folks.

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When power resumes the bulbs may send out their statuses before the ISY has booted and initialised. A query would definitely be necessary as well as a reboot of ISY detector. 


One programme I have always installed in HA systems is an "all_devices_off" at about 4am. That way no matter what the cause lights get killed each day and all statuses are assumed to be known. This was particularly important in X10 HA, which I still use a few. With LED bulbs the important of energy savings, with lamps,  isn't so important anymore, though.

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