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zwave rest command for Yale

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I'm creating a lock/unlock command to use in iRules


Here is what I created and its not working.


Any suggestions?




When I use this in my browser I get a response of 404 (I'm assuming that's an error message)


Here is what I'm using for unlock.




Thank you

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So I forgot that I triggered the lock unlock by sending a message from irule to elk (f3)


Then in ISY i have a rule that locks unlocks based on elk f3 being pressed


The key item missing is a rest command to the ISY that queries the lock or unlock state of the Yale lock (that will let me determine the correct image in irule when I enter the page)


Thank you

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http://<ISYIP>/rest/nodes/<ZW_NODE> and look for:


<property id="ST" value="100" formatted="Locked" uom="11"/>


<property id="ST" value="0" formatted="Unlocked" uom="11"/>
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