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Kpl buttons on with timers


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I have a kpl with one button assigned as vacation, which programs a series of lights in the house while away. When the vacation button is pressed, all the lights work with the various programs as they should. The other kpl buttons assigned to 2 of these lights don't come on when the lights do with the program. I have the led brightness set to on1/off 0 for regular manual operation, but when the program runs they don't light up. I had this working before, but something happened, and now it's not quite as clear on how to add the buttons to the program. The attached file shows the options to add the kpl to the "then" and else. I don't remember seeing this when i first had the buttons come on with the progams. That was a couple of years ago.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Backlight level sets how bright ALL of the KPL buttons will be when turned On.   Backlight does not actually turn On/Off a KPL button.


To turn a Secondary KPL button On/On define an ISY Scene with one or more KPL buttons as Responders.   Turn that Scene On/Off to turn KPL button(s) On/Off under Program control.


ISY Scene 'scene1'

  KPL button x Responder

  KPL button y Responder 



   Set Scene 'scene1' On



   Set Scene 'scene1' Off

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Thanks Lee. I made two scenes with a KPL button as responder in each. I added the scene to then and else for each light in the program to turn the KPL button on and off with the lights. I'll try it tonight.

I can't remember what i did to get this working before. It prevents double tapping buttons to get them in the right position when i turn off the vacation program, and some of the lights are still on.

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