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micro on/off module 2443-222


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Hi diggler


Just to clarify, the led on the module responds all the time when you remotely activate the switch, but not always the fan motor? No problems turning it off, after it does turn on, it turns off every time?



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If the fan goes on I can turn it off remotely.  Led shows green when on, but if I put a test lead to the L! terminal it does not light up.  The module has power and responds to commands, issue is where the fan lead connects to it does not power on.

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I'm sorry but I had to read this like ten times and it didn't make any sense to me.


1. If you turn the fan at the (switch) does it turn on & off, Yes / No?

2. If you turn the fan from the Admin Console (ISY) does it turn on & off, Yes / No?

3. When the the exhaust fan is not on is the Micro Relay LED always lit? Yes / No?

4. Which sense wire have you used to connect to the exhaust fan?

5. Can you provide the make and model of the exhaust fan for our review.

6. Have you hard reset the Micro Relay? If not please do so and report success / failure.

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1. No. 2. No. 3. Led shows current status green for on and red for off.. 4. No sense wires just on and off needed for exhaust fan. 5. Not home right now (have fan hooked up to keypad and works on and off and with timer program for a.b.c. how do you hard reset?



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 how do you hard reset?




Factory Reset All settings, links and scenes will be erased.


1) Press and hold Micro module Set button until it beeps LED will start blinking green


2) Press and hold Micro module Set button until it beeps again LED will start blinking red


3) Press and hold Micro module Set button until it beeps a third time LED will start blinking green


4) Slowly tap Micro module Set button 3 times LED will start double-blinking green


5) Press and hold Micro module Set button. Do not let go. Micro module will begin to emit a long beep Page 13 of 21 2443-222/2443-422/2443-522 - Rev: 1/21/2014 8:28 AM


6) After beep stops, release Micro module Set button After a few seconds, the LED will flash white Micro module will double-beep and the load will turn on

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Ill try it this week. Thx

No worries make sure you have the instructions in front of you. This single device has to be the most complicated hard reset process Smartlabs has ever released!



Ideals are peaceful - History is violent

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Dont know what changed but it now works lol.  Go figure, only issue is a loud click when it turns on.  Is that the fan or module?  Module is located in switch box.


The Micro Relay makes a click but I certainly would not call it loud by any stretch of the imagination. Glad its working now even if we don't know why!


I worked on a combination microwave / IR sensor for about nine hours over the week end. System indicated it was tampered and the fault would not clear. Performed a continuity check on the length of wire and all was good. Measured the EOL resistors and all values were in spec.


Checked the tamper switch at the sensor was fully operational and with in spec. Went back to the distribution board and all connections, voltages, signals were solid. Replaced the sensor, board, etc yet the panel still indicated a tamper WTF??


Put back all the original sensor parts and after rebooting the alarm panel in what seemed like 9999999999999 times. It came up clear with no faults, no tamper, nothing!


Sometimes its like magic and things just work / don't work.

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If you think that is a loud click.

You have never experienced the ratchet On Off switch in an X10 module.


That was one of the reasons I switched to the earlier Smarthome X10 compatible On Off modules. :mrgreen:



I used to be afraid to open my pantry door early in the morning out of fear that "CLUNK!" would wake everyone in the house!

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