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Global Cache IP2SL


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Can someone help me with the command structure(syntax) for issuing an RS232 command via the ISY.  I already have the ISY994i with the networking module installed and I know how to create the resource but not so sure what to use to execute the command (http, tcp, etc).  Any help would be appreciated.


The device that I am trying to control is my Key Digital Matrix Switch.  When I set up the GC IP2SL  the manufacturer suggests that the following settings be applied: 


» Baud rate: 57,600

» Data Bits: 8

» Parity: None

» Stop Bits: 1

» Flow Control: None

» Carriage Return: Required

» Line Feed: Required


The command that I would like to use to create an ISY resource for will switch Output 3 to Input 1.  The command that I should use is SPO01SI03.  How do I write this command in the isy resource?





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Here's an example from my setup.




Heck if I can remember what this means or how I came up with this! ;) Mode is C-Escaped.


This switches an SR-22 A/B speaker switch an IP2IR.


OK, this is an IR command, which is why it is so long and painful. You've got it easy! You probably just want URL-encoded.

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