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Trane Thermostat

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When I first include the Trane thermostat it shows the temperature in the ISY admin console in Centigrade. I configured the thermostat prior to including it in the ISY. The Thermostat is set for its units to be in Fahrenheit.  All temperatures and set points show on the thermostat in Fahrenheit.


The ISY admin console showed the Temperature in Centigrade but the set points in Fahrenheit. I verified the thermostats setting for temperature scale, it was set to Fahrenheit. I then rechecked the admin console and it was now showing the temperature correctly in Fahrenheit. I suspect that the first refresh cleared it up.  I did try a query when it was showing incorrectly in the thermostat. That did not help.


Not a very big deal, but knowing how the UDI team likes to get it right . . . 

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