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Motion sensor speed


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I have a motion sensor setup in a bathroom and when I had it setup with the Insteon hub it seemed a lot faster then now being setup with the isy. 



I have a program setup for the light to come on. Is there a different way I can set this up to make the light respond faster? 



        From     5:30:01AM
        To      10:29:59PM (same day)
    And Control 'Motion Sensor-Sensor' is switched On
        Set Scene 'Light Bulb Scene (day)' On
        Wait  3 minutes 
        Set Scene 'Light Bulb Scene (day)' Off
        Set 'Bathroom Strip Light' 20%
        Wait  2 minutes 
        Set 'Bathroom Strip Light' Off
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The Hub created a scene which is way faster than a program. You can create an ISY scene between the MS and the devices in the Light Bulb scene and it'll be faster, but you lose the ability to schedule the light.

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After creating the scene and installing it into your MS using the linking mode this should work for you. We don't even detect any light on delay with this technique.


Here is the programs I use for my bedroom lamp:


MBR Lamp.auto - [iD 009D][Parent 000A]

        Control 'Master Bedroom / Motion.MBR' is switched On

        Wait  45 seconds                   <---------------------------------note the On is via scene direct control and not needed here.
        Set Scene 'Master Bedroom / MBR Passtrough' Off
        Run Program 'MBR Lamp.auto' (Else Path)  <------------makes state visible from folder colour

   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')




Now to adjust the response of the lamp I use this two time node program:


MBR Lamp Level adjust - [iD 0084][Parent 000A]

        From    10:30:00PM
        To       9:30:00AM (next day)

        In Scene 'Master Bedroom / Motion.MBR' Set 'Master Bedroom / MBR Wall Lamp' 15% (On Level)

                                                              ^------Note to select the MS as the scene, NOT the lamp!!!

        In Scene 'Master Bedroom / Motion.MBR' Set 'Master Bedroom / MBR Wall Lamp' 70% (On Level)




Of further interest may be this manual override program operated by a remote keypad:


MBR Lamp.manual - [iD 0038][Parent 000A]

        Control 'Master Bedroom / MBR KeyPad.A' is switched On
    And Control 'Master Bedroom / MBR KeyPad.A' is not switched Off

        Set 'Master Bedroom / MBR Wall Lamp' Fast On
        Disable Program 'MBR Lamp.auto'
        Disable Program 'MBR Lamp Level adjust'
        In Scene 'Master Bedroom / Motion.MBR' Set 'Master Bedroom / MBR Wall Lamp' 100% (On Level)
        Wait  2 hours
        Run Program 'MBR Lamp.manual' (Else Path)

        Set 'Master Bedroom / MBR Wall Lamp' Off
        Run Program 'MBR Lamp Level adjust' (If)
        Wait  1 second
        Enable Program 'MBR Lamp Level adjust'
        Enable Program 'MBR Lamp.auto'

Lamp will get direct hit by MS so adjusted scene level.

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