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Isy Network Resource for Key Digital Matrix Switcher


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I am having trouble creating a resource for powering on/off my KD 4x4 Matrix Switcher.  Can anyone help me with how to setup and format the command in the resource.  attached are some particulars from the KD manual.  Also, I am using a Global Cache Itach IP2SL to transmit the command via the ISY.  I have setup the IP2SL with the following parameters.
Baud rate: 57,600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None
Carriage Return: Required


Following is the network resource that I have created. 



Port = 4999

timeout = 500 ms


Body = PF\r\n

Actual = PF


The error in the ISY log is as follow: [TCP-Conn] -1/-140002, Net Module Rule: 226


What am I missing?

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ok, I figured it out everything works as it should.  Here is what I did.


The settings for the IP2SL should be as follows.


Serial Parameters  :


Multiple Ports Enabled Baud Rate 57.600 Flow Control None Stop Bits 1 Parity None Data Bits 8 Frame Errors "0" Parity Errors "0" Overflow Errors "0"    


Previously, I had "Multiple Ports" disabled

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What am I missing?

An RTI remote system in your home with an XP Processor ;) I find this best handled on the remote side not the ISY side making it a cleaner and more stable connection. Also FWIW I have a lot of experience with SnapAV Matrix Switches, so wanted to point out if there is a power outage on the Matrix Switch then you may need to reboot the ISY and the Matrix switch sometimes doesn't "disconnect" properly on loss of power. Sometime to test and try to make sure if all works.

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