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Cannot see my new Garage Door Controller


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Hello, I am new to this.  I have an ISY994i and Powerlink Serial modem talking to two Insteon Dimmer Switched, 2477D, set up as 3 way switches.  All is good. Can talk to the switches through My ISY and MobilLinc iPhone app.  So I decided to add a Insteon 74551 Garage controller and status kit.  I press and hold the button on the side of the garage controller until the LED blinks.  Went back to the My ISY SW and querried the ISY and it does not get recognized.  I thought it may be a proximity issue, though only about 10ft from the dimmer switched.  I ran a short extension cord to a plug closer to the light dimmer switches.  Still, not showing up in My ISY.


Am I using the My ISY wrong?  How do I trouble shoot this?


Thanks, Doug

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What do you mean by, "querried the ISY?" Did you first select Start Linking from the ISY from the top row of icons? Have you tried adding the I/O Linc using the Insteon ID?

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By "Query", I mean that in the administrative console, main tab, I selected the Query button.  This evening when I get home, I will try "start linking" to have the ISY find the device on the network.  If I try to manually add the insteon device, how do I know it's ID address?  Should it be printed on the device?  Regarding latest software version, I installed it last night.

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You need to add a device before you can query it. The Insteon ID is printed on the back of the I/O Linc. It will look something like, 23.4B.FC. then numbers run from 0 (zero) to 9 and the letters from A to F. B is easy to confuse with 8 and there is no letter "O."


There are two ways to add a device to the ISY.


1. Click on the icon with the two rotating arrows, one yellow, one blue and follow the instructions.


2. Click on the light bulb icon and enter the Insteon ID. You can give the device a name now or later. Also select, "Remove existing links." There is no need to specify a device type.

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The manual method worked.  Thanks for the help.  The admin console is going to take some getting used to.

ISY and each  device must be linked together before they can play together.


After linking, if you operate any device ISY will know about it, and also, each device can be operated from ISY manually or by program control.

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