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New X10 220V switch


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I have one X10 device left.  It is a 220V switch to control my pol pump.  I changed it today and it will respond to the X10 Controls from an X10 controller, but not form the ISY, independent of what address I give it.  I have the X10 module for isy, but even trying to send X10 signals seems not to work.


any ideas?

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i put the old switch back in and it works OK.  I thought it was the same type, but the old one was  Leviton 6371-1 and the new one is a X10 PS2.  Hmm, look they same exactly down to teh dimples on the top, so I just though different branding!  wonder why?

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OK now this is really strange!  The old switch is now acting the same way, namely will respond fine to an x10 plampad controller, but not the isy,.  Is it possible for the PLM to go out just for x10 as my other insteon devices work well??.   I am very confused here.


ok, now moving the PLM helped (and back again and also working) so the isy and PLM connection is the issue.  again, does the PLM kind of get flaky near the end of its life??

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If you put the X10 Transceiver in the SAME outlet as the PLM.

Does the HR12A Palm Pad still control the switch?


The older model TM751 or RR501 Transceivers also have a stronger output than the 2413S PLM. So that also may cause differences. Depending on how old your transceivers are.


Sometimes works and other times does not work. Sounds like you have an X10 power line signal issue.

Since Insteon devices have a power line transmitter in them. They do absorb some power line signals. Insteon is passed along by the modules  X10 is not.

Some users have found as more Insteon devices are added. Insteon improves and X10 gets worse.

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yes, although has been working great for years, but I knowthings change.  I ordered a new PLM just in case as the cost is less than the hassle, and I will see if it get stronger with the new PLM,  strange day as I was convinced it was the switch, burnt many hours today :(


does it k sense to try a PLM restore if it is working sometimes?  i.e would seem like it would work or not if programming was the issue

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Restore PLM probably would not do much.


Now when you get the new PLM make sure you follow the proper procedure or all of your Insteon devices will have the old PLM ID in them and not work correctly.

Power down the ISY994i and PLM.

Connect the new PLM to the ISY994i

Power up the PLM.

Power Up the ISY994i and let it fully boot.

If you have the Pro version. You can turn off Automatic Writes to Battery Devices and then individually do them.

Restore PLM to change all the Insteon Modules with the new PLM ID.


220 Volt X10 modules are a special case. You have to have the X10 signal on both incoming line wires. Depending on exact conditions it is possible the X10 signal is being coupled, out of phase,  between the lines and canceling the signal between them.


Jeff's tutorial on phase coupling.  Page 8 touches on the 220 volt signal possibilities.


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 Have you had a chance yet.
To try the X10 receiver you are using with the HR12. In the same place as the PLM?

Is your PLM on the same circuit as the computing equipment, surge strip, UPS?

Do you have any X10 Phase Couplers or X10 Coupler Repeaters between the incoming Lines?
If so what type and model?

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