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Insteon Mini-Remote


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When I program my 4-scene mini remote to a switch, the behavior is not the same as physically flipping the switch.  The switch I want to flip is a controller for a scene - but the remote triggers it as a responder only (does not activate the rest of the scene).  


Any solution to this?

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That's the way all Insteon devices function. Otherwise, it would be too easy to create an infinite loop. If you want the Mini Remote button to activate a scene, then add it as a controller for the scene, not just one device.

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How do you make it a controller?  I don't even see how you put it into the administrator console.

All devices must be installed in the ISY first. This is done on the Admin Console. There is a convenience icon on the tool bar.


After that, using another icon on the toolbar un the devices tab you can create a scene, name it, then drag devices and drop them into the scene answering questions that pop up. This connects the devices in the scene by installing link codes in each and every one of them involved and now do not require ISY to communicate for that scene attributes.


Battery devices MUST be in linking mode or this will not talk to them and you will see lot of red icons on your Admin Console.


Scenes can be treated just like a single device. You can modify scenes easily from your ISY and set ramp rates, dim levels etc. like radio station preset buttons. Just turn the scene on or any  controller can do it.


Insteon devices can hold about 256 scenes each. ISY simplifies this complicated process without it.

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The ISY functions best when it's the only Insteon manager. Did you select remove all links when tyou added the remote to the ISY? If you did, then you're good to go. If you selected keep links, then post back. There's an easy fix.

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