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can a PLM fail in the mode where only X10 will not work?


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I have only one X10 device, it is a 220 V and that used to work but now it stopped even when I replace the X10 device so my question is very simple, can the PLM fail and that it only does not work for x10. And yes it works with pure x10 controllers

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The PLM could fail with X10 only but it is not likely.  An X10 Controller often sends a signal stronger than a PLM.   See if the X10 Controller plugged into the same outlet as the PLM works the 220v X10 device.  A new PLM can be used but I don't think it will fix the problem.  The more Insteon devices in use the less reliable X10 becomes because Insteon devices do not repeat X10 messages and each Insteon device in the path reduces the X10 signal.


If a new PLM is used be sure to follow the Wiki instructions exactly for replacing the PLM and never issue a Delete Modem (PLM).

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I would also say remotely possible for a PLM to only stop processing X10 messages.

It does sound like you have X10 signal issues.


The 220 volt X10 modules are even more touchy. As in certain installations.


Many X10 controllers have a stronger output as pointed out. So the controller may have enough signal strength to reach the X10 module and the PLM's output may not be strong enough.


Have you tried the controller in the same outlet as the PLM?

Do you have any X10 coupler between the two incoming power lines?

Have you tried disconnecting electronic devises that maybe causing noise or signal absorption?

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