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Ecolink motion detector communication issues


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I recently put in a Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector (PIRZWAVE2-ECO) in my Z-wave network controlled by an ISY994i (Z-wave only version).  I had no troubles connecting it and setting it up, but lately I have noticed that if I log into the ISY after it has done the "Factory Query Program" but before the Ecolink has checked in (or detected motion), I receive multiple warnings titled "Failed Communicating With" that say "Cannot Communicate With "Motion Sensor 1 (ZW010_1). Please check connections."


These messages will continue until either the motion detector is triggered or it does it's own check in.  I believe this is because the motion sensor does not stay active in the Z-wave network to conserve battery power, but it does seem that while these messages are showing, the ISY is a little sluggish.  Other than that, the sensor does appear to work well with the ISY, but I do wonder if this is "normal".


So a few questions:

1. Am I correct that this is simply because the motion detector doesn't listen for communication to save battery?

2. Has anyone else seen this behavior using one of these devices in their ISY controlled Z-wave network?

3. Should I try to prevent this error?

4. If so, how?  (Perhaps by pointing the "Factory Query Program" to a custom scene that does not contain the motion sensor)

5. Any other thoughts?


Thanks in advance!



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